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Cruising: 1970 Chevy Impala 350 Custom Coupe

Many lessons were learned at the wheel of my custom coupe.

Coupe of Pleasure
This one is blue; mine was Gray.. and probably has simplier rims, and no wheel well covers. .. and only a single exhaust. You can see the iconic “Notch” in the rear deck lid and if you can image, the rear and front of the car were of a similar length.. and there was plenty of room in that car to get into trouble. I got mine for $900 in 1977 with about 95,000 miles on it. That car took good care of me, and got me into and out of a lot of trouble from fire and ice, to snow, skiing and amazing full 360 degree skids.. I really learned how to pull myself out of a skid in that car.. let me tell YOU!
Which Car Is Mine?
It’s hard to know (or really remember) what exact model (power train) I had. I recall the car had a 10.5:1 compression but there isn’t anything in the specs at that size.. and I recall it was a 2 barrell carb so in the episode I have probally indicated the wrong engine configuration. I think this is the car I had –>> My Impala (1970) 350 Custom Coupe. Also I think I was wrong in the listed stop speed which seems to be 167 for 3rd gear; although this site claims a 112 top speed for one model (and 0-60 in 9.5 seconds). The most I ever did was 115 MPH… which was fast enough. This car is 3968 lbs whereas in the episode I note 4004 lbs.. either way with me the car weighted over 2 tons.
My car was more like this one –>

Here is the side view –>

You can see how the back and front are nearly the same size!

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