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Danny Meyer, Patrick Martin & Jean Paul remember Josh Ozersky

Josh Ozersky was a friend of mine.. and he was not always present in my life but he was always a presence. He introduced me to 100’s of people, from the famous to the infamous. He invited me to a competition where I won the best burger award, and so many other things.
In this interview you will hear from Union Square Hospitality head Danny H Meyer (@dhmeyer), Jean-Paul the Executive Chef at Blue Smoke (@chefjean_paul ), and Patrick Martin (@MartinsBBQ) a champion winning BBQ guy from Nashville Tn. (and one of Josh’s best loved BBQ joints).  

Robbie Richter (@RobbieRichter) and I spent the morning of Saturday June 13th walking
through the Big APple BBQ talking to folks who were willing to share their memories of Josh. We interviewed Dozens of folks thanks to Robbie’s ability to open doors.
This is the first in a series of short releases and a full length episode will come out in due course. You can think of this as a miniseries about memories of Josh! As Josh often said when asked about eating vegetables, “The FAT, that’s the meat, the Meat, that’s the Vegetables…”
Josh Ozersky (Wikipedia)Josh Ozersky was the food world’s master provocateur (Wash. Post)
Union Sq Hospitalty Group
Martin’s Bar-B-Que joint | Official Website
Blue Smoke


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