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Everette Taylor talks about online sales and growth hacking

Everette Taylor Jr. (@Everette) started marketing while he was 18 yo and attending college

He was an intern at United Way where old school marketing flourished. Everette helped them implement some digital marketing and with tangible results for United Way and his own personal brand.

It’s clear that Everette’s personal journey in college lead the way to his success. Everette was head of Growth at Growth Hackers and today is the CMO at (@StickerMule).

Everette’s journey from student, to marketing expert really just follows his own passion, for learning, trying, experimenting and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

In this 20 minute episode we talk about everything from the companies he has worked with, the tools he uses, and the nuts and bolts of optimizing an ecommerce site. There is a 48 minute and 56 second Overtime episode for those who want to hear more of our talk. Everette talks more about growth hacking and about students and personal branding.

Everettte feels that all students need to work on their personal branding, it’s not just about “getting famous” it’s about finding jobs, and preparing for the work place of the future.

Both Harry and Everette see that in the future many companies will seek to have their staff amplify their business via their employee’s personal branding and personal “platform.”

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