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Harry Hawk talks about the best NYC Burgers with Sam Lynas from

I love burgers, I love talking about them, I’ve sold more than 100k of them and I even won an award for the best burger in NYC (in 2008).
So I was really excited to talk with FoodieHub Channel Director Sam Lynas about their hunt to find the best burger in NYC. Sam and I spoke with two of their local exports; two guys who also happen to be friends: Joe DiStefano (Queens) and Dave Cook (The Bronx).

We talked about burger culture, the rise of the burger within the food industry and how the burger has influenced both top chefs and cooks from many cultures to start creating their own burgers and burger “like dishes.”
Sam noted that they have been trying burgers in NYC for months including a special burger at Gramercy Tavern, the NYC WFF’s Burger Bash and during the NYC stop of Meatopita.
We also talked about McDonalds and their new Create Your Taste “store within a store” concept that has food runners bringing fresh off the grill burgers direct to your table. It seems unlikely this burger will be part of the hunt but you have to stay tuned to fine out.
FoodieHub pays for all their own meals and uses local experts to help find the best food in the world. FoodieHub, “searches for, discovers, celebrates and shares the world’s most Essential Eats” using their “network of local food experts from over 275 cities.”
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