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Karen Freberg talks about teaching social media and crisis communication

How do collge age students “take” to social media studies? They might think it is easy but according to Dr. Freberg, “it’s the hardest course they will have to take.” It’s one thing to snapchat with your friends, it’s a totally different matter to be the public interface for a brand.
Harry talks with Dr. Karen Freberg who is an Asst. Prof. At University of Louisville  in strategic communications  and an adjunct Prof. Online in the graduate Marketing Communications program at West Virginia University.

I’m excited to talk with Karen about the use of targeted social and socially curated published content as it applies to crisis communications, PR, and reputation management. I’m also interested in talking about how students can make use of social media tools for their personal branding, and her insights on the value of students engaging in the process of crisis management planning for their personal brands.
Prof. Freberg has active research in public relations, reputation management, social media and crisis communications. 

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