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Mobile Ad Targeting with Kimberly Glaser

AdTech – Advertising Technology
Harry Hawk talks to Kimberly about the future of advertising technology. Learn how AdTech helps build relationships between consumers and brands. Using geographic, demographic and psychographic segmentation consumers can be targeted consistently even if they own or use multiple devices. Kim Glaser talks about the features and functions built into the software.  

AdTech Reaches Across Devices
It can be hard to reach someone on a mobile device because they can have or use more than one device and of course more than one desktop computer as well. help to solve that problem. While also allowing consumers to opt-out, platform fosters brands innovation around storytelling. Understanding AdTech basics is important for everyone including professionals in PR,  marketing and advertising to average citizens.
Ad Tech for Public Relations
While AdTech can be used to push transactional “buy now” ads… Harry Hawk feels its real value is sharing impactful and relevant stories to different sets of stakeholders. Harry feels thinking about AdTech as only about making sales is like thinking about marriage as only about sex; that would be limiting and short sighted.
After their 20 minute conversation, Kimberly agreed to some overtime discussion which covers even more topics including Entanglement, storytelling and more.  

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