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Dear friends,

July, 2017

The transformation of this site is nearly complete. Hawk Digital Marketing’s home page has been merged into this site. It can be found at:


We have added channels for the sub-topics covered by the Talking About Everything podcast. More will be coming in the months and years ahead. Each of the sub-channels is available as a stand-alone podcast on iTunes and Google Play. The channels will allow folks to subscribe to the precise content they wish e.g., Food Culture vs. Integrated Marketing and Communications.

Podcast vs. Blog

Nearly all of our posts contain audio, and those are available through our main podcast “Talking About Everything.” We do have a few posts which contain no audio. These prose only posts are listed under the blog category Hawk Digital Marketing.

January, 2017:

This site has been transitioned. This new site is running on WP, and the podcasts themselves are being hosted with Blubrry. The prior vers. of the site was running on Blogger and the podcasts were hosted at LibSyn.

The AMP vers. of the site is largely working. If you are on a mobile device try:

It will take a few weeks before I am able to fully update all of the graphics and color schemes here, but it will be updated soon. Thanks for your support.

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