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Talking with Ken Ruan about Taco Bell and Techno Failure

Harry Hawk and Ken Ruan talk about Taco Bell, Apps, subway system key cards, self driving cars, electric cars, and the Internet Of Things.. talking about how each of those inventions adds to the richness of our lives, and yet, can take away from us some of the freedoms we once had, or at worst, exposes us to some very long tail risks.

A few times a year Harry and Ken fire up Skype and talk about some current issue in society… This sixty minute conversation is all focused on fast food, fast cars and technology failures. From a Taco Bell app that took an order when the store was closed, to a car that has a sensor problem that prevents the brakes from working we are surrounded by amazing technology that presents serious long term (aka long tail) risk.
This episode is a bit longer and a bit more rambling than typical but it’s a real genuine conversation and we invite you to listen in. From ordering fast food from your smartphone to cars that brake for themselves or refuse to brake (when asked) our world is a more interesting and complex place. Do we have to accept that from time to time, our technology will have a momentary phase of frailty and abandoning it when we need it most?

Ken X. Ruan
Ken Ruan is a writer-editor-researcher-copywriter who views NYC through a pair of sociological lens. He is obsessed with visual design and advertisement composition. Constantly scrutinizing social class, status, law and the inconstancy of our digital age, he has written extensively about urban sociology, millennial angst and class and social status. He is excited to partner with Harry S. Hawk in exposing the shifting landscape of digital marketing.
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