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Talking with Steve Price about STEM Education and Chain Reaction Art

Steve Price is a Chain Reaction Artist
You may know him from America’s Got Talent… Steve Price is a full time college student (Junior), and when not in school spends his time thinking about and building complicated constructions of dominoes, chemical reactions and other physical elements that once started “detonate” in one long chain reaction. Here is a great example on YouTube: Steve Price (Sprice) on America’s Got Talent.
Steve’s web site | Steve on Twitter | Steve’s YouTube Channel | Sprice Machines on Facebook
Help Support STEM ED
There is a lot of Science, Techonology, Enginering and Math (STEM) invovled in Steve’s creations… It is a way to make STEM very real and tangible for students and of course when a chain reaction detonates it is also a lot of fun.

Kickstart Steve & his 15 Friends
Besides trying to support STEM Education, Steve his 15 friend will be trying to create two records. The American Domino record, plus the world record for Rube Goldberg Devices.
LINK TO The Incredible Science Machine KICKSTARTER (Ends April 20, 2015).

Some Of Steve’s Work:

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