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Talking with Villinda Vile Horror Entertainer Episode 3

Villinda Vile

Villinda Vile as performed by Sal Virelli

A conversation with Sal Virelli about the creation and development of Villinda Vile.

Sal is a horror drag performer from Michigan and is 19 years old. He is a polished entertainer and a rising star in the drag community. He created Villinda and other drag personas, as well as creating clothing of his own design and acting in community theater.

Sal wearing stockings, a garter belt and a top hat + jean short shorts











Sal describes a dark past with which he used to build and embellish the characters Linda and Villinda. Born and raised in Michigan Sal has explored community theater, sewing and fashion retailing.

Sal’s drag persona Villinda Vile entertains at an annual Michigan haunted “house.” Sal has taken his self proclaimed, “dark past” and used it as inspiration for scaring the paying public.
You can find Villinda Vile on Facebook and Sal Virelli on Instagram. Sal’s Black Rainbow Custom Clothing & Costumes is also on Instagram. Listen to other conversations and view photographs about gender artists on a project created by @hhawk and @rainbowsquirtle with stories releasing throughout the summer of 2016.

We see on Snap that Sal has moved to Massachusetts; if we get an update we will let you know.

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